The Designer Pump: Fit Trials.

This past weekend, I found out about a huge event this week that I may have to attend with work. Feeling sartorially underprepared (aren't we always?) I spent the entirety of my Sunday afternoon running around SoHo and the Upper East Side on the hunt for a versatile dress and some impressive shoes that would look both professional and fashion-forward.

one style, four pumps


I landed on this stunning Zimmermann number (I can't even think about shopping elsewhere at this point for occasion dresses) and needed the perfect shoes to accompany it. Enter: the nude patent designer pump.

Seems like an easy task, right? Wrong.

As this is my first pair of REAL designer shoes, I quickly found out the fit of each brand is so incredibly different, and I spent hours trying them each on and deliberating between each. Thinking about investing in your own? Look no further.

1. Stuart Weitzman Nouveau. Wins: Most Comfortable (and least expensive)
 Fit - TTS American (I wore an 11)
Color - a bit light for my skin tone
Style - classic, not too much toe cleavage, felt like a lower heel than the others.
Comfort - 4.5/5 Stars

2. Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100. Wins: Sexiest Pump
Fit - 1/2 to 1 full size small (I tried an EU 42 which was too small)
Color - exactly on par for my skin tone (and look at the incredible range of nudes they offer!)
Style - S-E-X-Y. This shoe has major toe cleavage and arches your foot in a way that only Louboutin can. Also - red bottoms.
Comfort - 2/5 Stars

3. Manolo Blahnik BB 100Wins: Kelly's Pick
Fit - TTS EU, maybe just a hair small (I wore an EU 42, which was a true fit)
Color - A bit light for me, but felt like a good nude color
Style - Sleek. The most professional-looking of the bunch in the best way. Still not uptight.
Comfort - 4/5 Stars

4. Jimmy Choo RomyWins: Most Options
Fit - At least 1 full size small (I tried an EU 42, it was DEFINITELY too small)
Color - Same as the Manolo. A bit light for me personally, but a very pretty nude.
Style - My least favorite. The toe was more rounded, and it didn't look as expensive or dressy as the others
Comfort - 1.5/5

All in all: The Manolo won out my heart. It's the sleekest and looks the most fashion-forward of any of them, and was extremely comfortable. The Jimmy Choo fit was way too small (as most of the brand is) BUT you can get it made-to-order, so you can get any color, size, texture you're interested in.