Rocker Chic

Lately I've had this love affair with all things rocker chic. Well, not lately, I'm kind of in a long-term relationship with it. Particularly inspiring is Heidi Slimane's direction at Saint Laurent (let's hope last week's show wasn't his last with the label!), so I've included some of his ads & photography here as inspiration behind the looks.

This one's all about that suede, leopard print, metallics, and bohemian-meets-edgy style... I've already added this velvet top, choker, and these boots to my virtual carts!

ONE (on sale here!) | TWO | THREE | FOUR

ONE | TWO | THREE (on sale here!) | FOUR

ONE | TWO (my favorite! wish they were in my size...)| THREE | FOUR | FIVE (affordable alternative) | SIX