20 Things

When I read other blogs, I love learning more about the women behind them. Since my blog is still so new (in my eyes), I thought I should do a little in-depth introduction. Here are 20 random facts about me:

Favorite thing about the city you live in?

The ease of transportation. I LOVE being able to walk to everywhere I need to go in Davis, and if not, I can easily bike or drive, too. There's never any real traffic and parking isn't an issue. (But walking's my first choice, I need to get my steps in on my fitbit!)

Cats or dogs?

Dogs! I'm hopelessly allergic to cats.

Best piece of style advice you've ever received?

You can never be overdressed.

Biggest fashion regret?

I used to be a huge fan of babydoll tops and dresses. They're so cute, but on me they look like maternity wear! I didn't realize this until years after I got over the trend, and I don't think I'll wear another until the day comes along that I actually need to buy maternity clothes.

Favorite place to shop?

Mostly online! Shopbop, Revolve, and Piperlime are my go-to shops. However, my friend Alicia just opened up a boutique in Chico, CA, and after seeing everything that she brought in for Syllabus, I think I could shop there for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. It's so on point.

Favorite item you own?

A little black leather Helmut Lang dress. Something along these lines. Even though I've got about 7 LBDs, this is the one that dreams are made of... it's flattering, versatile, sexy, and covered up all at once. 

Currently most coveted item?

A new little bag! Specifically, the Chloe Small Marcie Crossbody.

Favorite food?

I'm such a foodie, so this is a tough question for me. Favorite meal is brunch, does that count? In all seriousness, I have a savory tooth, so probably something along the lines of short ribs & roasted veggies... YUM.

Who's your style icon?

I'm a huge fan of practical fashion, so I love it when I see women taking basics and elevating them to make their looks really chic. I especially love how powerhouse models Elin Kling and Anine Bing do this. Maybe it's a Scandinavian thing, who knows. Both of them have a wonderful way of pairing luxe with clean, understated looks.

Besides working in fashion, what else do you like to do?

I do some art (currently experimenting with printmaking), I love traveling, and trying new restaurants. I also really love hopping on a workout fad and then quitting a few weeks in and pretending like I'm an expert. Kidding... kind of.

Favorite book?

On the Road, by Jack Kerouac

Favorite flower?

Succulents are my favorite non-flower. Probably sunflowers otherwise.

What's your weirdest habit?

I'm a neat freak! I make my bed every morning, and all my clothes must be organized by color. It's a bit crazy, but it keeps me focused on more important things.

What trend do you hate?

I can't quite seem to get behind running sneakers with dresses. Unless you're traveling and absolutely need to wear a dress with trainers, I don't see the appeal.

What trend do you love that nobody else seems to like?

Birkenstocks, probably. Most of the fashion world and the occasional hippie is on board, but the majority of people I know are not fans. I'm also big on denim-on-denim.

What's the hardest part about blogging?

The time commitment!

What's your least favorite part about fashion?

From a business/economics standpoint, I dislike that many US brands still outsource manufacturing. I would love to see a greater percentage of American brands making their products here in the US.

Favorite mode of social media?

In terms of expressing myself, Pinterest. There's so much creative freedom.
In terms of keeping up with other people, Instagram. I enjoy the quick visual updates that it provides.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Probably upwards of 80 or 90, but most are in storage. I tend to keep only about 16 or 17 on regular rotation.

What item in your wardrobe will you have forever?

Classic ray ban aviators. I received my first pair as a birthday gift from my dad when I was in High School. I have about four pairs now, but I don't think I could ever go without that classic black.

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